Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another reason to run SETI@HOME

A geek's wife had her laptop stolen and he used SETI to track it down. Who needs laptop tracking now? Just install seti@home and use it to possibly cure cancer, listen for intelligent life, or a multitude of other useful projects that use distributed computing.

One of the computers on which Melin installed SETI @ Home is his wife's laptop, which was stolen from the couple's Minneapolis home Jan. 1.

Annoyed — and alarmed that someone could delete the screenplays and novels that his wife, Melinda Kimberly, was writing — Melin monitored the SETI @ Home database to see if the stolen laptop would "talk" to the Berkeley servers. Indeed, the laptop checked in three times within a week, and Melin sent the IP addresses to the Minneapolis Police Department.

Missing laptop found in ET hunt - Tech News & Reviews -
[h/t Stuffleufagus]

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