Monday, February 19, 2007

Google should make a Linux

Okay; I know this is goofy. But it is true that Linux is the only viable desktop competitor to Microsoft's operating systems. Apple keeps the Mac far too locked down to sell to the majority of the populace, who want to use almost any software they can get to run on their computer and all sorts of weird peripheral devices. (Vibrating sex toys that respond to events in chat? They exist, powered by the USB port.) I'd be happy with being able to run any printer or scanner, but others are not.

Linux, on the other hand, supports all sorts of stuff, has an absolutely huge range of free software available and will handle Java very well, which is of paramount importance. So if Google got behind it, it might sell well. I do not really care about whether or not Windows dominance is lost. All I want to see is enough competition to stop MS or Apple or anyone else dictating to me what I have to see on and do with my computer.

C'mon Google!!


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