Thursday, February 22, 2007

ESR gives up on Fedora

I thought to post this because a number of Eric S. Raymond's complaints regarding Fedora are mine as well. Not the ideological ones. Just the important ones; those based on function and attitude toward that. Fedora (and indeed all distributions based on the Red Hat RPM package management system) have disappointed me for years. I would rather use Slackware and handle most all of the dependency problems that arise myself, by hand, than entrust them to RPM and have to sort out the mess that system makes of things at times. I do, in fact, do just that at times. The rest of the time I used distros descended from Debian, like Ubuntu, and which use the apt-get package management or it's descendants.

While I am quite sure the ideological arguments are important and I DO read and digest them, function concerns me the most. It is on function that I made the decisions I made and ESR seems to have followed my path, at least in part.


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