Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

To start off the week I thought I would offer a couple of those over the top sites I talked about.
1) How about some people, who do not eat, I mean anything, for years, like up to fifty years, no food, some cases no water for years. Living on sunlight, and air, this diet is defiantly not for me. I ran across this article in a news paper from India about “The Buddha Boy” there are a lot of stories about him here is a link to one from the B.B.C.

it made me curious so I started looking for more info. Here are a couple more I found on the subject:

2) Here is one not for the squeamish, this guy is going to go for a power boat speed boat record using human fat for fuel, ass fat to be specific, ass fat, that’s right fat from his ass.

3) On a little milder note I’m sure most of you know about Craigslist, but if you don’t you need to check it out,

if it is in your city make sure you scan the free ads. Here is a link to the movie trailer about the new movie out about the Craigslist company and founder

Netflix has the full movie, I just ordered it, I’ll try to remember to let you know more about how it was next week.

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