Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

1) This week I thought I would start off with a couple of links for those who still read and buy books. The first is my favorite site to buy books, they may not always have what you are looking for but if they do the price is right, and shipping is $3.50 for as many as you buy, one book or a hundred same shipping. I have seen books discounted as much as 90%, they are new books not used. A fairly large selection, for C2C fans, before you consider buying a guests book search here,

2) For on line e-books especially if you do a lot of research on anything, I the best I have found is Questa if you sign up for the news letter they seem to offer extra free trials, if you only have one small project the free trial will get you through, you can browse the new books for free, they have well over a million titles, and a lot of tools to keep your research in order.

3) Looking for something out of print, rare, or if you have a book you think might be worth putting on ebay and you want to check the value try this one, they do price comparisons, so you can see a range of what’s out there.

4) While not book related, this site is pretty good for a how to do anything, I found this one just goofing around but I really liked it. Cruising around the site, small animals caught my eye, top of the list how to trim your Chinchilla’s toe nails; I knew I had found something for me. I don’t have a Chinchilla, but like the fact the site is a little off the wall. There is also a section for how to in computers the drop down offers six categories, I clicked on hardware there were over 670 articles. They are posted by people visiting the site, which is nice due to a lack of product pushing. Although the site does have advertising it is manageable. Here is another similar one by Wikipidia

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