Friday, March 23, 2007

The 10 Worst PCs of All Time

I know. Lists are a bore. Usually they are. But anyone who aspires to geekhood gets into contact with machines that can drive you bonkers, no matter your skill level. Users have it worse for not being familiar with more esoteric remedies which might be available.

I had a PC Jr. Paid an incredible amount of money for it and it never did do the job for which it was purchased. It simply would not stay up long enough to run the problems we posed to it. Within an hour or two of an intended 12 hour run, it would crash, or simply load the meager RAM to the point where none was free, refusing to release any of it, whether it was still needed or not, and grind to a halt. It got hot. It would lose contact with the floppy drive, making the job untenable.

I returned it and had the retailer refused it, I was perfectly willing to see whether or not the manager was capable of eating it. Such was my mood. We bought a replacement (an early clone) and got the work done.

Remember as you read this list; The "good old days" are the reason all us older guys are bald and have ulcers.


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