Friday, March 23, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) A quick up date to start things off, if you were fascinated by the crystal caves last week, here is a link to some more and later pictures, I can’t seem to get enough of this, would really like to go and see them.

2) Anyone catch the story about the hole in the earth, seems there are thousands of square miles of missing earth crust in the mid-Atlantic ocean. There is a scientific team headed out there to investigate, and study the phenomenon. Here is a site where you can follow the expedition, information about what and why they are there, a daily log, and interactive links to ask questions.

3) I found a site here that has some rather stunning star related photos, it is called the “Astronomy Picture of the Day” they post a new picture every day, with an explanation, and they have endless archives of days past.

4) One more star related site, this one for a solar system simulator. You can look at Earth from the Moon, or Neptune, fly through the solar system and out to the stars at warp speed. Kind of fun, true scale as to size, distance, and color, but not the best graphics.

5) For the Art Bell types out there in the event you have not heard yet France is the first country in the world to completely open their x-files on UFO’s, this happened Thursday, I have been trying to get in, but the site is being slammed 24 hours a day right now, here’s a link to the site And here is a link to the news story

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