Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Google Operating System Blog

I saw this link at Mike's Tech Show, and since Jack's under the weather, I thought I may actually beat him posting this. ;-) (Get well SOON! Jack) Google has an Operating System Blog?!?!?!?! It didn't reference the OS, on first glance, though the most recent post is about an Easter Egg in the new personalized home page themes. (Is "home page" one or two words... I notice that Google makes it one word, hmmm. Opinions? leave them in comments). The themes are pretty neat, I picked the beach one, and if you give it your location, the light will change based on your local time. (Initially, I thought that they should base it on available info from the home page (yes, I persist in the 2 words), ie., weather. Upon reflection, its probably a nod to privacy and the glass wall between what they know about you already...). If you have a personalized google page, themes is a new option in the upper right hand corner, Go check it out.

Back, to the Google Operating System Blog (yes, the original topic of the post, and I almost got lost in twitter, but refocused on my task. :P), it doesn't refer to an operating system, as in Windows or Ubuntu or OS X (how egalitarian of me, eh?) but more of a peek inside the "system" of google. For instance, how to improve your search, the easter egg in themes, etc., etc. Enjoy!

Google Operating System

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