Sunday, March 18, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Well to start off the week, during my cruising I found a link to the discovery of the largest crystals ever found anywhere in the world. They were found in a natural cave completely enclosed in bed rock adjacent to the Naica Mine, which mines silver, zinc, lead, and gypsum, in Chihuahua Mexico. They described the experience like walking around inside of a giant geode, with crystals up to fifty feet in length, a diameter of four to five feet, and estimated over ten tons. The story about the discovery accompanying the pictures is fascinating, seems the temperature is over one hundred fifty degrees, with 100% humidity. One of the miners working there tried to sneak in through a small opening to steal some crystals, they found him a few days later thoroughly baked.

2) The next link is to a Google replay of a BBC, Channel four movie (1 hr. 13 min.) that essentially debunks Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. I like to investigate both sides of an issue to develop my opinion, one which I am usually willing to admit is inaccurate, because I believe it is close to impossible to find enough unbiased information that will illustrate both sides of a politically charged issue in a manner that is clear and concise enough for some one like myself, an admitted non-expert on most of these issues, to develop a truly informed opinion. Given that disclaimer, I found this movie really challenged some of my basic understandings of the whole Global Warming issue, and while I thought several of the arguments had merit, and caused me to change my perspective related to the science used to explain the causes of Global Warming, and I’m now reconsidering my opinion in general. I did find the movie as blatantly politically bias as they claim their perceived opposition. I find it unnerving that on issues of this importance to all of us there is such a lack of cohesiveness, and a unacceptable amount of divisiveness’, and self serving agendas putting us all at risk for generations. Enough soap box, sorry, interesting movie, worth watching, very informative in many ways.

3) The link for Art Bell types this week, one of the better net movies I have found on 2012 as related to the Mayan Calendar, and there are actually three movies in segments totaling a little over five hours. The sequence is not correct watch them 1 3 2, I enjoyed it very much, found it to be easier to understand than some of the others I found. If you are interested in this subject this is a must see, well worth the time.

4) Last week I noticed a link to a little helicopter game in the chat, it drove me crazy for a while, so I thought I would return the favor. The object here is to click on the red box, avoid the black squares, without hitting the edges. The email I got along with it said that the air force uses it to test pilots, and said they are expected to last two minutes, if that is true, I would be surprised there are ant planes in the air.

5) One more for any car fans out there a link to the Bugatti Veyron tested to see if it really can do 407 km/h. not your daddy’s Oldsmobile for sure.

6) A late link added for those who need to check your pet foods due to the recent recall, tens of thousands of cans of cat and dog food are being recalled because of being a suspected cause of kidney failure. Here is a link to the company in Canada that has caused the problem. There are two lists one for dogs 48 different brands, and one for cats 40 brands, also the company press release explaining their reasoning, along with contact information.

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