Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nuance you've lost a customer.

Pardon me but, I need a bit of a rant. I've been using Paperport software for quite a few years. I've got version 11 pro now. There is a PDF creator in Paperport. When I upgraded to Vista it stopped working. So, I go to their site. Eventually I find a link for a supossed Vista version of paperport. I install everything OK. Now PDF creator does work but, I get a watermark on all PDF's created saying I have a trail version. So, I email them. They tell me to try a few things none of which work. They tell me I must now contact technical support. I go to email tech support and they want to charge me $9.95!. Granted not a large sum. Paperport cost me over $100. I don't Think I should be charged. Also there is no 800 number for tech support and they want $19.95 for phone support. Well they just lost a loyal customer. I've been using this program since version 5.3.


  1. I'm curious, was the $100 initially? Or is that the cost of the upgrade? Its obscene that they try to charge a paying customer for support (that's why I pay for software or to support the developers)???

  2. That was just for the upgrade. As a workaround I've installed the PDF creator on a networked machine with XP on it. Which works OK. So, Nuance you can..... I for one won't be getting anything from them again.

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    You get one free incident as per - 407-241-1823

    One free technical incident
    Additional incidents $19.95 each

  4. I just approved an anonymous comment. Evidently we are being monitored by Nuance. Hope you can get one free tech support call out of it all. Seems to me if there program doesn't work properly it should be on their dime in any case.

  5. I hope they are they can go to...... They forget to mention it's NOT an 800 number. I found an inexpensive ($19.95) PDF printer that actually works with Vista


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