Sunday, November 13, 2005

Radio Leo | ShowNotes / Show 192

I was listening to Leo's KFI podcast, and he mentioned something I hadn't heard of, that I can recall. Its called the Anti-Spyware Coalition, they are trying to define spyware to protect them from future lawsuits.. They have a report, available online. The option to comment is open until Nov. 27, 2005. According to Leo, modifying the home page, adding url's without notification is not defined as spyware. The document is difficult to read. I think they made it deliberately obtuse, or its typical legal mumbo jumbo. I'd prefer offenses listed by "risk." But, I believe that there are people who check this blog out, that will have some strong opinions about the definition of spyware. There is a link to comment at the top of the report page, and a summary of the comments posted so far.


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  1. We did have a report on this a long time ago, but it needed a refresher. Thanks Jane.


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