Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some URLs from the show today.

David Notario's WebLog - CLR and JIT Compiler : What is mscorsvw.exe and why is it eating up my CPU? What is this new CLR Optimization Service?

EFF: DeepLinks: "EFF has confirmed the presence of XCP on the following titles

(each has a data session, easily read on a Macintosh, that includes a file called 'VERSION.DAT' that announces what version of XCP it is using). If you

have one of these CDs, and you have a Windows PC (Macs are totally immune, as usual), you may have caught the XCP bug."

Congratulations to Chrissie Cochrane for winning Audio Cleaning Lab 10

Andy Marken
interview during the second hour.

Sophos fix for Sony DRM rootkit install.

John C. Dvorak's blog and columns at PC Mag.

Earl won the DVD Copy 4

More giveaways coming up, listen next week, or to the archive, to be posted soon, no doubt.


Update: SANS ISC - Sony DRM Rootkit to be removed automatically by Microsoft

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  1. Jane, thanks so much for this, and for all you do.


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