Saturday, January 10, 2004

After January 7, 2004, your computer slows down and Microsoft Word and Excel will not start

It's late, it's Friday and while the last link was about the underlying reason for the Word/Excel slowdown, here is the Symantec site that will make the Norton Anti Virus connection clear.
Dead VeriSign certificates cause glitches | CNET

Gari sent me an e-mail on this and it is also being discussed on the OC Newsgroup

If Word and Excel have slowed down on you in the past few days and you are running Norton Anti Virus, check it out.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage XM Radio plans controversial traffic service

I've known about this since Wednesday. The NAB response was not unexpected. I don't think it will make a difference. XM is not doing anything that is not within the agreement they made with the NAB.

Here's another case where consumers are voting with their wallets for better radio service and the old school wants to fight it with rules and laws. Hopefully, the competition will encourage the terrestrial broadcasters to deliver a better product. They now have digital (I'm not ready to call it HD) radio, but where they are failing, at least from the perspective of a sat radio subscriber, is content and coverage.

In my case I have little content choice on terrestrial AM and FM because the coverage is also poor. In the metro areas, there is better coverage and more choice of content, but with 1/3 of every hour being commercials, the content is merely a commercial delivery system.

If you haven't yet heard, XM is going commercial free on all its music channels (that's 68 channels -- very much the Sirius model -- I love competition) on Feb 1. All for $9.99 a month. With the receiver prices dropping like a rock, no wonder the NAB is concerned -- if they want to compete they'll have to start delivering a better product.

XM's traffic service will start March 1. I'm not sure when Sirius wil start their traffic service, but they have announced that they will have one.
The Register

Read this. Do I really need to make further comment? I thought not.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

Sorry if you've already seen this tag line. I saw it on Slashdot and thought I'd share it with you. It put my day into perspective!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Court ponders Web site-blocking law | CNET

So much interesting reading, so little time. I'm against child porn, but I don't think Pennsylvania has found the right way to combat it. Why don't we just bury everyone's head in the sand? Yep, that'll make it go away.
You may have noticed a recurring "what Deepak talked about" theme around these parts. That's because Jack is not here to comment at the moment. Otherwise I'd probably be writing about "what Jack talked about."

I talked to Jayna briefly today. Jack and Jayna are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Jack, get well soon, please.
Scot's Newsletter | By Scot Finnie | 01-06-2004 |

Scot Finnie's take on Windows XP Service Pack 2 Beta. Interesting reading if you have the time or the curiousity.
Athlon 64 3400+ reviewed everywhere

hmmmm. Is this what Deepak hasn't been able to talk about?

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Choose A Plan

I didn't realize this when Deepak and I talked about it last Sunday, but the Sirius Satellite Radio Lifetime Subscription is for the life of your receiver, not for your life. If I did the math right, that means that if you keep your receiver 3.2 years you break even. Longer than that, and you are ahead.

I thought the lifetime subscription was for my lifetime. Oh well, if it sounds too good to be true...

Even though I have XM because the equipment and service better meets my needs, by all means, if you are looking to take the sat radio plunge look over both companies, their programming and receivers carefully before drawing any "confusions". Please don't take my word alone for it, but you certainly can consider how happy I am with the XM service and equipment.

Both XM and Sirius have their place and the satellite radio market will only really be healthy if there is choice. Oh, don't forget that somewhere down the line, new receivers will have to work with both; but from my best sources, that's about 2 years off.
As I have tried to get some meaningful work done this morning, the flow has been interrupted by no less than 3 unsolicited business phone calls.

I have long believed that it is silly to buy anything from anyone who you can't verify who they really are. You call me - I have no idea of who you are - and you want me to give you my credit card or other billing info? doh -- slap me on the head with a mackeral, please!

It's the same with unsolicited e-mail -- who would buy from these folks?

I do feel sorry for the poor minimum wage workers who are just trying to keep body and soul together with these telemarketing jobs; but I'm sorry, I don't and I won't buy from you. If I do, I'm just leaving myself wide open to be scammed.

I wish the FTC woud let businesses sign up for do-not-call. I may sign up anyway -- many have. It has worked very well on the residential line -- that and the fact that Jim uses it for his computer so most of the time they just get busy signals, lol.
Writing an end to the bio of BIOS: ZDNet Australia: News & Tech: OS

I feel like I'm just catching up with last week's news this week. Here's an article about the BIOS replacement that Deepak talked about on Sunday.

Monday, January 05, 2004 parasite

Parasites-adware-spyware. A disgusting as well as a fascinating subject.

Fascinating? Yes, as in "just how low will the bottom-feeders go?" and also as in "knowledge is power -- to know the enemy is to be able to keep it at bay."

This is a great round-up. I like the section that outlines the good free, good commercial and not so good anti-parasite software.
Spyware Weekly Newsletter :· December 24, 2003

Here's the latest on what is going on with Gator/Claria. While you are at it, you just may want to read this the latest issue of the Spyware Weekly newsletter. There is always some interesting and disturbing information to be found here.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

What You Can't Say

I found the link to this article while perusing Slashdot today. Many of the thoughts in it segue nicely with things Deepak and I were talking about on today's show. This is a long read and there is a lot of food for your own thought on it. I'll probably read it several more times.
Hi folks. After my dismal and embarrassing memory loss, during the show, of where I had seen things as I browsed the Web this week, I thought I'd start a blog. This way, when I find something of interest I can submit the link and my comments about it at the same time using the Google Toolbar Blogger button. Quick, neat, and hopefully foolproof.

I'm sorry, but until or unless I convert this blog you will see a little banner ad. The ad is not generated by me or by the On Computers Internet radio show. It provides no revenue to the show, but is a fair exchange IMHO for hosting of this blog.

I may later upload the blog to our own On Computer's FTP space (which is an option), but not until I have it under control while hosted for free at Blogspot (or until Deepak tells me I can't keep it here on the ad supported server).