Sunday, September 21, 2008

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 09-21-08

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Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off with my usual green link, this week I will point out something with a much broader scope than my normal new product. I heard a story on the news this morning, well more like a 15 sec. sound byte. He mentioned “green degrees” as in college degrees. Of course this tickled my Google juices, led to several links one of which I put up here. I am going to predict that this will be the new dot com. If you are looking for a field to invest in, a career for a young person’s study, or an area to move your own work career into, this I believe will be the way to go. Governments will be pouring monies and resources into this area; the political interest has only begun. All fields from environmental accounting, (how best to use incentives, grants, tax breaks etc.), to environmental zoning, (how to best allocate land uses in cities and states). The new niche fields of study and employment opening up in the next ten years; will be staggering.
2) The next link here is my cool video site, crossed with my cool DYI site for the week. The first video should catch your eye, “How to Double Your Gas Mileage” now if I was a commuter this is one I would have to check into. There are a lot of others of interest here. I know I will be spending a little more time at this site in the next few days.
3) Now for my scary technology link of the month. Just when you thought your privacy could not get anymore invaded than it has been in the last ten years. Seems they can now see through walls, even from those drone planes in Iraq. It appears this may be the new top-secret technology Woodward was talking about in those interviews about the surge last week. This link is just to a story link in Slate Magazine, if you want to check into it further you will have to do your own googling.
4) I just had to bring this up, I am sure everyone has already heard about it, but just in case here is a link to an article in Times Online a story about Google’s new idea about off shore data bases. I just wanted an excuse to comment, why does it need to be off shore; there are other large water bodies with-in our borders, how about the great lakes. Seems to me they just want to circumvent taxes, and regulation. Just a thought, but are we not right now suffering from some lack of regulation in the economy. What about terrorism, my God what a target.
5) Last up the geek link, this is a link to Google’s Official Blog Site, a blog by Chad Hurly CEO and co-founder of YouTube, about the future of online video. A very interesting read.