Friday, January 21, 2011

Comcast merges with NBC -Video Discussion @ PBS Online

Video discussion of the merger between Comcast and NBC at PBS Online

Why some companies are ditching their spreadsheets - Computerworld

"Budgeting and forecasting are a big deal for us. We're a seasonal company, so we have to have product ready to go or the sale will go to our competitor," The company dumped its excel spreadsheets and went to an online Content Management System.

Google Voice tests $20 number porting

You can pay $20 through Google Checkout to get the Google Voice process going. So, if you have been holding off on using the service because you'd rather keep the cell phone number you've been toting around for 10 years, now's your chance.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why you should always encrypt your smartphone

California's Supreme Court reached a controversial 5-2 decision in People v. Diaz (PDF), holding that police officers may lawfully search mobile phones found on arrested individuals' persons without first obtaining a search warrant.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 01-16-11

This is the On Computers Radio show podcast for 01-16-11. You can listen live every Sunday from 11AM to 12PM Pacific that's 2PM to 3PM Eastern. Join us for the live show and chat.

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Sometimes when we live under the conditions dealt to us by fate we fail to fully access the positions of our fellow citizens on this planet. A while ago when my internet went down for a few days I was totally surprised about how much that simple loss disrupted my peace of mind. I was totally blown away learning just how much I relied on the medium to maintain my balance. This article is really a great read about how things are in the third world. The reflections and implications illustrated here are an interesting illumination of the process of the techno-evolution effecting mankind’s development, as I fully believe technology is the expedient factor regarding the evolution of our species. http://opinionator

2) Google has announced a global science fair, I suppose one could find all sort of theories about why Google is doing this for the good of the world or the good of Google’s head hunting future, I see that as mixed and may accomplish both. Anyway probably not news to this group, but if you missed it, and know a young genius you might mention it.

3) Well it would appear there are some serious looking changes coming concerning theories about our early years on the planet. I have followed with curiosity the work being done on our ancient history, there are many interesting areas of research pushing back the early history of man. I will be following this story with great interest, looks like an upcoming National Geographic’s special to me, maybe five years or more.

4) And now, for something from deep in the Gregg Zone, the Wikileaks story looks like it may have something for everyone. I had heard in a radio interview that there was a threat by Mr. Assange stating if the governments did not leave him alone he would release leaks about the U.F.O. wars in Antarctica, well you know that caught my ear, hear is an article I ran across about that.

5) This is yet another search improvement site, I thought there were some interesting search tips here regarding Google searches. I especially liked the term allowing you to load the last page image Google cashed, in the event a site is down, or has been changed.