Wednesday, October 03, 2007

iPhone Turned into Pocket-Sized Hacking Platform

"All iPhone applications run with full root privileges and any application vulnerability means winner takes all. The iPhone has been turned into a 'pocket-sized … network-enabled root shell,' said H.D. Moore, thanks to the well-known security researcher having published shell code for the smart phone and instructions on how to use it as a portable hacking platform."
If you have an IPhone beware and don't make it an IBrick!
Thanks KoffeeBeanz


Monday, October 01, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Of all the stuff I have put up so far, I think this is the one I like the most. I was watching an interview with President Clinton on T.V. last night when he mentioned a site called, a site for “micro financing small business in the third world” with as little as $25.00; ever curious I had to check it out. This, has to be the best of the how can I help change the world sites I have seen. You can lend money to people in small countries around the world, which they use to start small businesses, I lend as little as twenty-five dollars, they repay the loan, I can withdraw my money, or recycle it back out to help start another business somewhere else. The rate of repayment is over 98%, wow a 2% fail to repay rate now that is low. Stop and think in a country like Peru where the average yearly wage is $500.00 dollars give or take a few. An $800.00 loan put up by as many as 24 individuals can change lives by providing jobs, increasing the opportunity for education, and countless other ways.

The way I am planning to use this is with Ebay. I’m going to find some stuff that is just taking up space in my closets, put it up on Ebay, the money goes into PayPal, and then I will just lend it out from there. I get to recycle my junk help out people with few opportunities, and then when it is repaid I can do it again, with out any out of pocket at all. I really think this is the easiest and most efficient way I can donate resources to help people in need. Check it out at click on the New York Times video, it’s best place to start.

2) This is a link that I just found a couple of days ago, reading something about switching the way our brain perceives the world through our five senses. They were talking about seeing with your tongue, I mean how could possibly I pass something like that up? So I googled, it came up with the article I have linked to titled “Can You See with Your Tongue” no surprise. Very interesting article, I am just starting to look in to this subject, I am sure much more has been done on this, since the article came out as it is dated 2003. This is just amazing to much to get into here, check it out, I am sure I will be posting more on this in the near future.

3) The third link here is a place to get free down loads of some very useful stuff. The catch is you only get a twenty-four hour period, to download them free, and then it changes to a new download, and drops the old one, unless of course you want to buy the old one. Joe downloaded a Skype recorder from it the other day; we used that program to record my segment of the show this week. That was something pretty that was nice for a freebie. Seems to me if you get your timing right, say ten min. before the one for today expires, you get a chance to do the next one right away. That way you get two in fifteen min. instead of one every 24 hrs, anyway here is the link worth checking in occasionally.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available - Keyboard - General Discussion - Logitech Forums

SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available - Keyboard - General Discussion - Logitech Forums

I think this was talked about in the show's chat this morning. I wanted to share it with everyone.

Thanks GHOST RIDER for posting it to our News Group.

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 09-30-07

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