Sunday, February 01, 2009

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 02-01-09

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Links from the Gregg Zone

1) This is not the first time I have used Google for my opening green link, and I need to check in and see what happened to the last one, that was the geothermal technology research project they were involved with. This is something from their monthly news letter, I subscribe to that caught my eye. They have a new city transit overly on Google maps, right now only available in limited city’s world wide one of them Las Vegas so I had a chance to play with it, I liked it very much, will be interesting to see where it goes. Check it out here
2) Okay this one opens a question that I find extremely interesting, just a short article but it in my mind it opens a rather large can of worms. I am referring to UFO’S of course. Obama has pledged to open government, ease freedom of information restrictions, to inform the people, well does that include UFO’S. It will be interesting to see, several of our past presidents have waffled around this issue. Saying one thing then being reigned in and back peddling, appearing to yield to a higher power of some sort. Well England released their case files; I did a shot on that a few weeks ago. France preceded them, and Mexico has always been very open, this is going to be very interesting indeed.
3) Sometimes our entry into the world seems to be just a little out of sync. If I only were I just a little younger, when the internet decided to do its thing. I have always have had an interest in ghost towns, metal detecting for relics, looking for those lost treasures. In my youth, you know another way to say when I had the spunk, energy, and strength to follow that path, locating information was always so difficult. This is one of those sites I wish were available to me thirty years, okay forty years ago. Thanks Troll for a trip down one of those might have been lanes, well maybe I will still find the time, heck they are close enough.
4) While I am not to sure how many of you are even aware of this controversy, I just had to post something about it. There is quite a bit of concern in the astrological community about the swearing in of our new president. It was done twice due to the mix-up in the wording. That meant two different times and locations. How will history possibly deal with this, seems to me to be something worth following, if for nothing else just to see how they handle it. Fairly good article here
5) Okay the geek link here is granted a little weird, but if you consider the implications of this type of applied research, you will have to admit that it is interesting at the very least. This is a video about reassembling robots, but if you let your imagination run a bit I am sure you could come up with a decent plot for a sci-fi movie, maybe two.