Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to connect to On Computers Chat at Star Chat.

How to connect to our chat on StarChat using mIRC:

From the File menu select "Select Server...". That will take you to the "Servers" page of mIRC options.

From the list of "IRC Servers" choose the "StarChat" folder and click the "Select" button. That will take you to the "Connect" page of mIRC options.

Check that everything on that page looks correct for your Nickname. Double check that the it says Server:StarChat: Random server. Check "New Window" if desired. Click the "Connect" button.

Once connected type "/join #oncomputers" to join the On Computers room or "/join #icug" to join the ICUG room, omitting the quotation marks.

The generic connect instructions are as follows:

If you have an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, connect to StarChat by opening the client and typing "/server" omitting the quotation marks.

Once connected type "/join #oncomputers" to joing the On Computers room or "/join #icug" to join the ICUG room, omitting the quotation marks.

To connect to the StarChat java chat open your browser and type "" into the address bar. Look at the list of rooms and find "oncomputers" or "icug" Click on the name of the room to join the java chat for that room.

It is a good idea to register your nick when using StarChat. The instructions from Star Chat as to how to do that are as follows:

If you are not on AOL, Compuserv, Prodigy, or Wal-Mart Connect as your Internet Service Provider, connect to StarChat and type:

/msg nickserv register [your E-mail address here] [create your own password here]

Example: /msg nickserv register twinkle

Use your real E-mail address as StarChat mails you an access number to complete registration. Once you receive that number, follow the directions in the E-mail to activate the nickname. You need to activate your nickname in 24 hours after you register, otherwise the registration will expire and you will need to register again.
If after you log on you are asked to identify your registered nick type in "/msg nickserv id password"  without the quotation marks and your actual password instead of "password".   Please be careful to make sure others do not see your password.

You can find the complete StarChat help page here:
And you can find more advanced information here: http//

If you need further help with StarChat you can "/join #StarChat" which is the official help channel.

On Computers Moves On....

Hi all.

As we discussed last week, we have produced the final live edition of the On Computers Radio Show.

As we move on, we need to decommission the server that hosts our chat server and our newsgroups.

We are migrating our chat over to the Starchat IRC Network. Our new rooms are created and ready for you to join us in both #oncomputers and #icug. Connect to Our existing chat server will be going down next Saturday, May 7. At that time, references to our chat server will be changed to point to Starchat.

Our newsgroup server, unfortunately, has not seen much traffic in recent months, and as such, we have decided to decommission it completely. It too will be going down next Saturday.

If anyone has any questions, please let us know.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ipad makes it to southpark

I'm a big southpark fan. Yes, it's usually gross but funny! Season 15 started yesterday and the ipad plays a major part. Warning this one is NOT for the squeamish!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apple cites bugs, user confusion in explanation of iPhone location data

Looks like there is going to be an iOS update in a couple of weeks to limit the stored data to one week. That's better. Also better is that we now know that our phones are doing this if location services are turned on. Some of the issue has simply been one of disclosure. I'm not entirely happy yet about the answers so far, but this is moving in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iHome - Clock Radio & Audio System for iPod / iPhone (iP9BR) BLACK

I'm usually not the bargain person. I'm not sure how long this Newegg deal will last (it is one of today's deals), but I've never seen one of this popular model iphone/ipod dock radios priced this low before. In fact I googled it and I still couldn't find any this low. With free shipping to boot. So if you've been wanting one, check it out.

We have one of these and I can vouch for it being a nice little unit. Only we paid a whole lot more for it.

(I know Earl usually does the deals, but since this was iphone related I went ahead and posted it.)

RealNetworks' Rinse for iTunes is good, not great

It is nice to see RealNetworks trying to switch gears. This program sounds pretty nice and is available for OS X and Windows (XP and newer). However, according to the article (I haven't tested it personally) it still is lacking in some areas.

I think the major mistake Real has made though, is in the pricing. This program should be $19 tops. It doesn't do enough to be worth what they are asking in my opinion.

Microsoft collects locations of Windows phone users

If this were a hockey game, I'd call it a hat trick. Apple, Google, and now Microsoft are collecting location data without disclosing it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pornography raid underscores Wi-Fi risks Wireless

I still know people who complain about setting up security on their router and who complain even more about having to type in a password the first time they use it. It is not that difficult folks!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 04-24-11

This is the On Computers Radio show podcast for 04-24-11.

Today is the end of an era. After just over 10 years, today was the last live edition of the On Computers Radio Show. We would like to thank our listeners for their continued support over the years.

Keep an eye out here, on our blog, as we will be doing the occasional podcast as well as continuing to post news items of interest.

It's been a great 10 years.

The On Computers Radio Show

Today's App Corner

Today we have two entertainment apps. The first is Crackle from Sony and the second is the Royal Wedding by NBC. Sadly Crackle is not yet available for Android. The content is lean at this point and it does occasionally crash, but the price for both content an app is free.

The Royal Wedding by NBC is an iPad only app, but if you are going watch the nuptials later this week, this is a very nicely done TV companion app. Yeah I know it is not geek to admit I'm going to watch the big event, but heck I'm a romantic and I love weddings so why not?

Here are the links:

Crackle Web Site

The Royal Wedding by NBC

Links from the Gregg Zone

1} Now, I think this is great news. Hertz has announced that starting very soon (like next week), you will be able to rent electric cars. If you have wanted to try driving one, you may now have that opportunity. This may be a very big step allowing people to test a car for a few days to help make a large decision.

2} I thought this was very interesting, while I do not know enough people in both camps to decide for myself it seems somehow logical to me. The idea that Mac, and PC people are different seems obvious, but how and where is interesting, and may prove of use to the observant.

3) This is a video about the inner workings of Google’s data center, for those who might see that as interesting as a trip to the back gate of area 51.

4) We covered passwords several times in the past. When I read this article going into the breaking of them I was sort of comforted and relieved by the difficulty, but not sure if that is dangerous thinking or not, I suppose time will tell.

5) Last link of the day, just an article about the tit for tat, Samsung /Apple law suit back and forth going on over phone design.