Friday, February 18, 2011

Motorola Xoom pre-sale 'confirmed' for Feb. 20, Atrix 4G on Feb. 22

Yesterday, Motorola came clean with the $799 price tag for the 3G/4G Xoom tablet. Today, we have the February 22 date as being valid for he Motorola Atrix 4G. AT&T’s Seth Bloom tweeted that “Atrix 4G in-store sales begin 2/22. Existing pre-orders will be shipped for delivery on 2/21.”

How to Root Your Droid

An easy How To on how to root a Droid.

Video of Motorola Atrix 4G - Fastest Android Ever Coming March 6th

The phone is $200 but if you get the laptop dock that is another $500. See the video.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple's subscription plan: Time for an app work stoppage | ZDNet

In my opinion, Apple has gone too far. It is one thing to offer an in-app subscription as an option with the 30% terms. It is quite another thing to force anyone selling subs outside of the app to also offer them inside of the app and at the same price. If publishers raise prices to give Apple its cut, it will then raise prices on everyone, some who are not even using an iOS device. I think that this is the most arrogant, outrageous thing Apple has ever done. I love my iOS devices and I love the products Apple has developed, but forcing this is just plain wrong and totally greedy.

Apple, get a clue before the big guys get together and pull their apps. Apple, you will lose hardware sales. Apple certainly will lose my loyalty if I lose Kindle, Netflix and Zinio on the iPad.

Monday, February 14, 2011

AllGo figures out how to build a $15 (screenless) Android device

A company called AllGo is showing off a platform that lets you build an Android powered device for just about $15. Raw cost add $15 screen and $5 battery for $35 total.

Kill rogue processes with taskkill in Microsoft Windows

There are times when taskbar/stop doesn’t seem to have the ability to kill a rogue process. When this happens, you have to employ a more powerful tool, taskkill, which is used from the command line

Windows Home Server 2011 RC is ready - Download

An evaluation copy of Windows Home Server 2011 Release Candidate is now available for download from Microsoft. You will have to agree to participate in the Windows Home Server Connect program to get your copy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 02-13-11

This is the On Computers Radio show podcast for 02-13-11. You can listen live every Sunday from 11AM to 12PM Pacific that's 2PM to 3PM Eastern. Join us for the live show and chat.

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well to start off, when I ran across this article I liked the idea of the bridge as soon as I saw it, but what I liked more was the reference to the need for creative applications to energy production, in order to create enough. I think they made a right on statement in that it will be necessary in the future to be very creative in the application of just how and where we generate the energy of the future, due to increased need coupled with the replacement of fossil fuels.

2) While I am not a fan of cell phones, I am very much a fan of getting rid of telephone poles, unfortunately this has just brought on the proliferation of cell towers, sorry but the attempt to turn them into fake trees is not cutting it for me. When I read this I thought ‘here is something I can get behind’ if this turns out to be the future I think it may be a step in the right direction.

3) The unrest in Egypt the last week or two has had me glued to Aljeezera Live English since the beginning. I have been thinking about how someone in the position of being a dictator comes to the conclusions and actions they do. Somehow to me the strong armed tactics seem to be counterintuitive to long term success. Then I suppose short term gain is a better definition of the goals of most dictators. At any rate, the thought of whether or not I would wind up in the same place given the same circumstances has been an interesting contemplation for me.

4) I was totally blown away by the giga-pixel camera shots of Prague a while ago, now they have applied the technique to the great paintings. Not sure why other than for a limited number of hard core art enthusiasts, heck I guess that’s reason enough. I still think there are many more applications for this technology, and I am looking forward to seeing just how far they can take it.

5) I almost used this last week as a sort of geek self-defense mechanism for relatives, it seems Google has set up a site to teach tech to your older relatives. I suppose it is also aimed at me, but I am not to sure how much.