Sunday, November 02, 2008

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 11-02-08

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Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well to start off the week we have to thank Lou, I know you are asking who the hell Lou is. Well turns out he is just a neighbor, but during a conversation I mentioned Gaia, and was surprised to hear him say he had never heard of the word, much less the concept or the meaning implied. I am trying not to get to political, or cross over the religious thresholds with this it is, if I do I am sorry it is something very important to me, so you will just have to suffer for a minuet or two. The philosophy of Gaia is one that considers the Earth as a living organism, made up of many smaller organisms, and ecosystems. For starters that is what we all are, we are made up of many various cells, many systems within the body that are inter-related, if not for the micro-organisms in out digestive tract we could not live, there are many other inter-related systems needed for our life, you will just have to educate yourself to learn more about that. It is not much of a stretch to see an ecosystem as just another part of a larger system, a combination of several ecosystems as a part of an even larger system. Okay let us build on that and compare it to a computer, think of these little ecosystems as programs within an operating system, one of them break down and that can crash the entire operating system. Now realize that you are just a sub-program within the system, just like me, and all my crazy neighbors, now does that scare you, it should, the link is just to Wikipedia, a good place to start. I will leave the rest up to you.
2) I apologize for two green links in a row to start the week, but I could not resist this one. A link to an article about a prison going green. What a great way to save us all a few bucks, and help out the planet at the same time. This is what I keep saying, all indicators point to the same conclusion. Going green is the next dot-com there is so much opportunity in these areas, if one can figure out hot how to take advantage of what is the obvious trend. We must as a society move in this direction, we have no choice. It is past my time, but if you are young enough to jump on this wagon, this is the future.
3) Here is an article I found some what confusing seems they have a very new, and updated artificial heart out announced yesterday from France. This is meant to be a permanent replacement, as opposed to the hold on till a trans-placement or donator is found. What caught my eye; was the comments, almost all of them were related to the cost, jeez my first entry-level gateway computer was $2500.00 for what today I could buy at the thrift store for $10.00. Oh well here is the link
4) Now how about some junk, to clarify space junk. I ran across an article about a large toxic ammonia tank getting ready for re-entry this afternoon or evening. Makes one wonder why they can’t add a very small jet attachment and just aim it for deep space. This 1400 pound tank will mostly burn up; they say mostly up to 40 pound chunks may reach earth. What is worse is they have no idea where those chunks will land. It seems they are just relying on the math, you know more unpopulated area ergo a reduced chance of disaster. This site also has a very good video about the new Garmin GPS announced Friday; this is the aviator model, very impressive what this baby can do.
5) Last up a link to Hulu the T.V. site I put up a few months back, Joe has been spending a lot of time here, and said I should mention it again. I am bringing it up here so we can talk about it for a few. I would be very interested if anyone has a personal review on some of the other sites, like I know there are others out there. Anyway here is the link to hulu if you do have a review or two send them to Joe so he can post them for the rest of us.