Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little rant RE: IE

Someone please tell me, why do folks insist on doing sites that only work fully in Internet explorer? Don't get me wrong, I'm far from a windows basher but, I do like running Linux whenever I can. It's free, for starters. OK, there is IE Tab for Firefox but, if your not running windows, good luck. It won't even install. Yes, Crossover Linux has helped me a bunch, it's not and you can't expect it to be "perfect" and it's not free. Like Jack used to say about Wireless LAN's, "It's like trying to balance a chair on one leg on one hand". Also yes, I can run a virtual machine on Linux but, then I may as well run windows. If anyone out there knows a better way, please clue me in. :-)
TY rant over.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ubunto 11.04 slow?

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 shortly after if came out. However, it ran sluggish, in my opinion. Slower than windows on the same computer. This has never been the case up to now. So, I did some Googlin'. Found the link in the title in the Ubuntu forums. In a nut shell:

Don't know if there's a bug report, the only related thing I found was this

Originally Posted by ShadowKyuzo
But i think i just solved it here on my pc.
Do you have Compiz Settings Manager?

I did this and video playback seems normal now:

1. Go to Compiz Settings Manager
2. On the "general" options, go to COMPOSITE
3. Disable "Detect Refresh Rate"
4. Set "Refresh Rate" to 60 (or your monitor's refresh rate)
5. Go back to the "general" options and now go to "OpenGL"
6. Disable "Synchronize to VBlank"

Thanks to the original poster. It help me a bunch.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fake security software catches out Apple owners

Thanks to Rob for giving me this link in chat.

Mac users aren't used to this stuff. But just like Windows users the advice is "don't click on it."