Saturday, July 16, 2011

Search Engines Ruin our Memory, Make us Smarter

What a strange headline! The article doesn't support the fear mongering aspect of the headline. Changing which information we store is not ruining our memory. Humans are incredibly adaptable. We adapt very quickly to use what helps us and reject what doesn't. At least that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Joe Update

Hi all. I just wanted to give another Joe update.
As luck would have it, my work brought me to Seattle this week, so I had the opportunity to see him. We had a good visit on Sunday, though I would say he was quite a bit tired and had to disappear for a little bit to go lay down and nap. My understanding from Sue is that it was one of his more "up" days. She thinks it was actually the fact that I was coming by that kept him running. Needless to say, when he was dozing off and needed to take a nap, I fully understood. I had actually not expected to be there as long as I was. While I was there, he asked me for assistance getting his laptop connected to a MiFi so he could get online, which I was happy to do for him. He did have a very difficult time typing once we got him in the chat, but he was very happy to be there and at least say hi to everyone and read everyone's best wishes. Please keep that in mind if you see him in there again, please don't rush him. Its possible he may not even say anything at all, but assume he is reading so please go ahead and say hi.

To be honest, if I had not before seen the recently posted picture of him, I don't think I would have recognized him. Besides his beard being shaved off, he has lost a lot of weight.

Unfortunately, during another visit I had with him this week, he wasn't as "spunky". He was very tired, and unfortunately, his health does seem to be declining. Here is a post from his daughter Shana that was put up on Facebook:
This is Shana again. Joe getting very sleepy these days., as is expected. They will be giving him an IV to administer fluids and meds to help with the nausea. Prayers are appriciated. I know if you are on this list, you mean something to my dad and he does to you as well. Thank you for your support in this very difficult time!
Also, if anyone wishes to send a card to him, they can be mailed to:
Seattle VA
1660 S Columbian Way
Seattle WA 98108
Att: Joseph Roy Polinsky CLC #106
Please continue to keep Joe and Sue in your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Netflix Users Protest Proposed Price Increases With Social Media Firestorm

During a discussion on this very subject today, we speculated that Netflix had thoroughly vetted this decision before announcing it. Maybe not, considering the reaction. This is one to watch. This is a huge price increase for those who both have one at a time DVD and also use the streaming.

Wi-Fi–Hacking Neighbor From Hell Sentenced to 18 Years

One of the morals of this story is don't use WEP. I know I've been using WPA for years. It is heartening that the victim's boss and associates believed him and helped track down the lowlife. I'd actually call the guy a cyber stalker. Hacker is too good a word to waste on him.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

let's hear it for building your own computer!

I know it might be cheaper to buy than building these days. I'm still a die hard builder. Since, I'm a geek my last computer cost me a total of under $60.00 with shipping. Had everything else. OK so it ain't the latest and the greatest. I can go online do email and word process. I've got 2 80 gig HD's 2 GIG's of MEM. threw in an older Nvidia video card. Also, an oldish DVD burner. I'm set.
This MB BTW.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oracle and Microsoft could cash in big on Android | Wireless - CNET News

Here's an interesting article that Rob sent us in chat today.

From the article: "Both companies are seeking as much as a $20 licensing fee per device from handset makers that choose to use Android. That'd be roughly double the amount that Google makes in search revenue, on average, from every Android device, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Jonathan Goldberg. Google gives away the Android operating system in hopes of generating that revenue."