Sunday, November 09, 2008

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 11-09-08

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Links from the Gregg Zone

1) You gotta know by now this is going to be the green link. This week I think I have one that will be tough to beat in the future. Fits all of the things I like, one it is a car, two it is as green as it gets, three practical, four cheap, and five will most likely be available in the near future. Check this out drive Los Angles to New York on one tank of gas (around town zero gas), exhaust is plain breathable air, projected cost less than the average car of today. Two hundred kilometers around town, cost about two dollars. This is the most promising car I have seen. Video link here
2) Next up a little bit on astronomy, remember a few years ago the naysayers kept saying the chances of other solar systems other than ours being out there were very remote. Well last night that crossed my mind so I Googled "new planets found". I was not surprised by what I found, but then I was one of those people they were nay saying about. Just in case you have not been staying up on the subject here is an informative story from BBC Sci/Tech, sorry about the dating it is about eight years old, but proves my point, I bet they are in the thousands by now.
3) Next up a follow up on a link I did a few weeks back, I was pleasantly surprised to see Sixty Minutes do a story on it. That being the story about the locked in kid using his thoughts to power a computer linking devise. This is the link to the Sixty Minute video segment. This is some kind of cool; we truly are living in fantastic times.
4) Now for a subject that is over the top, unless you are very academic and staying up on everything new my guess is that you are not familiar with M theory. I occasionally check into what is new in physics, not that I understand much of what they are talking about, but they usually seem to explain some of those things I always suspected, but thought were pure Sci-fi. Well this is a great video about parallel universes, the implications are actually beyond most of the Sci-fi I have read, or seen in the movies. By the way the video segments are linked at YouTube is new at least to me, solves that 10 min. restriction rather nicely.
5) Now for a geek link that fits into my world quite nicely. I think it was last week I was into the Gaia concept, well I was watching this video at TED talking about what the internet may evolve into the next 5000 days, seems that is how old the inter net is now, 5000 days a frame of reference that left me a little befuddled. Any way that is the link, to the video. However, in the video Kevin Kelly is talking about how all technology is becoming inter linked, the concept of the planet evolving as an organism kept nagging at the edges of my thought, maybe the internet is the evolving brain of Gaia. Us humans the mechanism of growth on the way to planetary awareness, just a thought. But I can tell it is going to be with me for a while, sometimes I wish I could write novels. Check it out a great little clip on interconnectivity of technology.