Sunday, January 25, 2009

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 01-25-09

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Links from the Gregg Zone

1) While not exactly a green link to start the week, this is a site that just appealed to me. One of the factors of green technology is to make things that are just more efficient. This site sort of fits that bill, somewhat like consumer reports without the subscription price. And, I am sure they do not get into super detail, like consumers, but check it out I think you might like it.
2) Not to sure how I feel about this article, about one of the most likely very few uncontacted tribes left in the world. While interesting, and on some level necessary I suppose to protect them and all. I am not sure why we have to do a paparazzi style fly over, to take pictures and all. This must have shaken them very badly; I remember reading about a tribe in Borneo that started worshiping airplanes because they did not have the ability to understand what they were.
3) I sort of warned you a while back that the 2012 topic will be a reoccurring event, well not to disappoint. This is an interesting link with a 24 min. video on Terrance McKenna’s Time Wave Zero, a mathematical logarithm dealing with the ebb and flow of novelty, based on the thousand year old Chinese I Ching. , here is a Wikipedia link for the I Ching, for those not familiar.
4) I am still looking for information about the latest advances in online television, I have had a lot to say about my Roku, I ran across a pretty interesting review might answer any remaining questions. Link http://reviews.cnet.comI found a few other reviews on different boxes, the Apple T.V., and PopCorn, I am still looking for news if you run across something new. This is going to be the trend, like people giving up their land line phones; they will be giving up their cable T.V.
5) Kind of an Art Bellian geek link, I was looking doing some reading up on the Webbot Project, and ran across a link with some predictions for 2008. Kind of interesting if you do not ask for a lot of detail, several of them seemed to be a ding to me. Better than most if not all of the human predictions I ran across.