Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dell's Eee-killer to ship with Ubuntu preinstalled

"Dell's much-anticipated subnotebook product, which could be available to consumers by the end of the week, will be offered with Ubuntu 8.04 preinstalled."
The specifications also show that the device includes an 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, up to 1GB of RAM, and an 8.9" screen with support for a resolution of 1024x600.
Sounds like a nice laptop, Maybe I need a new one :)
Thanks Buzz for this URL!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

OnComputers Radio show Podcast 08-17-08

This is the On Computers Radio show podcast for 08-17-08. You can listen live every Sunday from 10AM to 1PM Pacific that's 1PM to 4PM Eastern. Join us for the live show and chat. If you prefer, you can download the same MP3 file here via ftp.

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well as usual a green link to kick things off, this is an example of what we can expect in the next few years. As solar energy becomes more attractive to industry, more research into new technology will also create improvements to the existing ones. Here is a perfect example for solar panels. http://news.bbc.co.uk

2) If you thought all U.F.O.’s are from off planet think again, seems the British military has some and are in development to turn them into some sort of weapon. This link has a story and an interesting video showing their prototype in action, mainly for surveillance at least for now, but who knows where it will go in the future. http://www.thought-criminal.org

3) Now for a little on something we touched on last week, the subject of digital drugs, that is a slang term for binaural beats, or using that part of the brain that sorts out sound, the way we determine the direction a sound is coming from. The binaural beat tricks the brain into a certain frequency alpha, beta delta, etcetera. This first link is the article that got me interested, http://www.usatoday.com this link is to an article in U.S. Today by, oh no Kim Komando, sorry but that was the first thing I saw. The second link is to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/ a very interesting read on the subject. The third link is to a site where you can try them for free, so don’t buy anything until you check them out to see if there is something there for you http://www.i-dose.us/

4) My geek link for the week, an article titled “What Will Linux Look Like in 2012” this is from Information Weekly August 14, I am sorry this is one of those I thought might interest you, but most of it slid right past my lack of geekness. http://www.informationweek.com

5) To top things of for the week here is a link to an article that I have to hope is not real; if it is then I fear Google has gone way over the edge. An addition to Google Maps that can actually look into your house, by into I mean inside your home. Sounds a little fishy to me, I have not had time to look into it further. Check it out sounds scary to me. http://www.bbspot.com